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Preorderz is the best way to prepare your product launch. It helps you pre-sell your first production line, validate and capture demand for your coming release, and build hype around your product launch.

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Eliminate Risk &

Pre-Sell your first Production Line

You can effectively gauge product demand before investing in manufacturing.

saving you precious time, money, and unnecessary risks.

Preorderz AI-Powered, revolutionizing new product launches. Now, you can pre-sell your product even before it's manufactured! While launching a new product is thrilling, it can be costly too. Pre-selling allows you to gauge demand accurately, ensuring you produce just the right amount – a crucial factor for success. Don't leave your success to chance – with Preorderz, you're in control of your future!

Know your product's demand

You'll be able to gauge demand and make sure there's still a viable market for your product before spending time and money on production. There are many factors that go into launching a successful product, but Preorderz makes the first step easier!

Schedule your delivery time

It takes a minimum of 6 weeks for your product to reach your warehouse after placing an order with your supplier. But with Preorderz, offering pre-orders changes the game. You'll have the time you need for preparations, and customers will be delighted to wait, knowing they'll receive a special prelaunch discounted price. It's a win-win situation – efficient for you and exciting for your customers!

Build hype before launch

Preorderz is the best way to make sure people know about your new product before it launches. Use Preorderz to build hype around the upcoming product release by sharing new updates, photos, videos, and more with potential customers.

Building Community

Preorderz helps you build a thriving community around your brand. By offering pre-orders, you engage your customers early on, creating a sense of anticipation and exclusivity. This builds a loyal customer base, fostering a community that eagerly supports your product launches and shares their excitement with others.

Receive valuable feedback from early adopters

Preorderz helps you evaluate your new product in the market so you can make necessary changes before the actual release date. This saves time and money!

Powerful all-in-one store

Launch your pre-order store with the best industry-standard features.

Dashboard for customers and vendors

Customers and Vendors get access to a rich frontend dashboard that allows easy management of product inventory including sales, orders, discounts, coupons, and more.

Store Insights with Reports and Statement

Vendors can see store sales reports in detail and also get a complete

overview of their store's performance.


Your Own Store

You can include additional information about your store and brand

from the frontend dashboard. Simple & easy.



Handle your own shipping with the Zone-wise shipping feature. With ShipStation, you can handle your shipping with the popular shipping solutions.

Why Preorderz?


Prior to the manufacturing process, preorders ensure a certain amount of revenue and sales.


Estimate what amount of inventory is needed to satisfy demand in a target market by using Preorderz.


Preorderz is an effective marketing tool for pre-release products as it generates excitement and boosts the popularity of your online shop.


Unsold stock is not a problem when you use Preorderz.


Preorderz can be a valuable marketing tool and lead to media attention for a new product.


With pre-orders, you can have a longer delivery period.

Ultimate eCommerce Functionality

Built-in Order Tracking System

Intricate Tax & Shipping Options

Gain Insights from your Store Reports

Product Deals

Featured product video

Instagram Product Photos

Product Quick View

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Our founders, Cory Group, a multi-million dollar advertising agency for product launches, are an internationally award-winning marketing team. Their specialists will guide you through the different launch stages and offer suggestions on how to make your product a global success.

More questions?

I'm not sure how to start

Preorderz makes it easy to sell online in just 3 easy steps:

  • 1. Register and list your product for free
  1. Register your business for free on our platform.
  2. Set a launch and end date for your Preorderz campaign (we recommend running a Preorderz campaign from 30 to 60 days).
  3. Complete the product form.
  4. Preorderz AI will generate your product page.
  5. Make any corrections, if needed, and send your Preorderz campaign to be approved.
  6. Upon approval, you are ready to launch.

  • 2. Receive orders and sell your product
  1. Spread the word and promote your campaign on all major social media platforms.
  2. Receive pre-orders for your product.


  • 3. Get payments, package, and ship with ease

As a seller on Preorderz, you can rest assured that you will receive your campaign's funds once you ship your product and your customers receive it, typically within 3 months. Our efficient payment system ensures a seamless and timely transaction process, providing you with the confidence and financial security you need to focus on what matters most – delivering top-notch products to your eager customers.

Our Preorderz Advisors will assist you at every step and make sure you are successful on our platform.

How much are the platform success fees?

Preorderz's platform fees are affordable, transparent, and secure.

List your product for free. You only pay success fees after your product sells.

  • $0 Listing Fee
  • 5% Preorderz platform success Fees
How do I receive my Preorderz funds?

There are no fees for creating an account on the Site. Campaign Owners are charged a Platform Fee as a percentage of the Pre-orders they raise. In addition, Campaign Owners are charged a transaction fee by the third-party payment processor. Transfer fees, or Stripe delivery fees, are also applied each time Preorderz sends funds to a Campaign Owners’ bank account. The Platform Fees and transfer fees/Stripe delivery fees are effective on the date that they are posted and will be announced on the Platform Fee page.

What can I sell on Preorderz?

Preorderz marketplace offers customers to pre-order new, innovative, and unique products at a discount. With Preorderz, customers can find products that are available exclusively on the platform.

Preorderz only accepts products that are unique and can't be found anywhere else.

What I can not sell on Preorderz?

We do not accept products that are already sold on other platforms.

Our Community Guidelines provide a comprehensive list of perks that cannot be offered by campaigners.

Campaigners are not allowed to provide the following:

  • Raffle or lottery
  • Alcohol
  • An investment return or shares in a venture
  • Weapons or related items
  • Vaporizers or pipes
  • Illegal products or activities

Preorderz Vs Crowdfunding campaign

Essentially, crowdfunding (popularized by Kickstarter) involves a "crowd" of individuals funding a new product. This “investment” generally takes the form of a special type of pre-orders with an extended delivery time (often more than 6 months). 

Crowdfunding platforms are hampered by the fact that many people do not understand the reasons why they should become "backers" and support a project. The situation becomes even more confusing if the company is well-established. This leads to low conversions for the promotion of your product.

The two main priorities of most people on Preorderz are to buy (not contribute) at a discount and to receive their product as quickly as possible. That’s why we’ve created Preorderz.

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